Productivity and Procrastination

The greatest battle a uni student fights in is that of productivity against procrastination. Every student, no matter who you are or what course you are doing, continues this war on a daily basis, and boy if you can find the perfect balance you are set for life.

Productivity is almost like the ideal state every student wants to be in. A productive mindset leads to work getting done, cleaning done, basically everything done and done well hopefully. Procrastination is the exact opposite of this. Procrastination is the devil that we all allow into our mindset. Procrastination leads to days of watching Breaking Bad on Netflix, or starting to write a novel, or causally drawing. Procrastination is really the be all and end all of student life.

This battle between these two states of mind is actually one of the most hilarious points of uni life, which is actually quite terrifying. Although every student aims to get a first, I hope they do anyway, every student will also get distracted, which is basically another word for procrastination. Everyone of us has good intentions to do work, but only about 5% will actually be doing work at any point in the day, of course that is a sweeping statement. However, with days of procrastination can come days of complete productivity, these days are beautiful really, mainly because they don’t come along that often.

When you do have a productive day, boy do you feel good! You get stuff down, your work load decreases and you can look around knowing you are nearly free from work. It is a great feeling, and one I attempt to get into everyday. I actually feel a whole lot better after a day where I have done a lot then days where I have just watched TV.

Why procrastination is so hilarious I don’t really know. Every morning when I get on the bus I hear people talking about how they watched a film instead of doing an essay, and I say the exact same thing to my friends. For some reason there is something hilarious in that we all say we will be productive everyday and get loads done, but we rarely do. It’s this fact that we joke to ourselves about it that probably makes procrastination funny, if a bit worrying.

As a uni student then these two P words are key to life. Completely different ends of the scale and completely different ways of watch the time go past. But sometimes it is about mixing the two to get the most of everything really. I use procrastination as a down time. 2 days of productivity and I can get a procrastinating day, that I always tell myself I need. Usually that is a lie. Nonetheless I suppose we all procrastinate really, and we all rely on it. If we were productive all the time it would tire us out. It would also probably lead to an internal explosion of the world. I think society might even break down. In all then productivity is great, but we all need a bit of procrastinating once of twice a week. Or for some, all week.

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As you can guess, my name is Louis. I have been a keen blogger for years now and through that time I have gone through school, sixth form, and I am not at the University of Bournemouth. This blog is all about issues in the world, my thoughts, university problems, and general discussion. However, there is always a message behind every blog, I try to add this message in to every blog anyway. That message is that I feel compelled to help those less fortunate than me, not just in the future but today. I also have a love for wildlife as well as people and learning all about these subjects is what has lead me to write about this topics. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading my blog, I sure do enjoy writing them.

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