Flytip your own life away

One of the things I find most annoying in the world is laziness. I don’t get while people will not put effort into their own lives, through their career or education or whatever. It just does not compute in my head. Now this leads me onto the issue of flytipping, and the laziness of the people who must do it as well as their affinity for money.

Flytipping is an ever-growing issue in the UK and one that is not talked about enough. Not only does it looks awful, but it is hard to petrol against and can have massive impacts on the environment. Flytipping is basically when someone tips rubbish on an area of land and leaves it there, somewhere it definitely should not be. This can be things like carpet, bricks, even TV’s or sofas. In the last two-weeks I have seen lot of this kind of stuff thrown down small lanes where no one thinks it will be found. Recently I have been working with my local National Trust site, where I have seen a few cases of flytipping already.

Flytipping is a disgraceful act, simply because it is pure laziness of whoever is dumping the rubbish. In a lot of cases it is builders or contractors of a building site, who may have been renovating a house or building anew one, who want to get rid of the leftovers quick and easy, and for free. However, it can sometimes be people who have been called by someone to clear out their house and dispose of their belongings in a proper way. Unfortunately, however, more and more of these types of schemes are just cash in hand jobs and the person employing the people for the job don’t really care where the rubbish is tipped as long as it is not in their house. This simple laziness should not be allowed to go any further.

Flytipping is ruining roads, it is damaging the environment, wasting hours of people’s lives through clearing it up and it is just simply stupid.

Now, I have a few messages for those people who do flytip. Firstly, why do you do it in the first place? Many recycling centres now take most goods for free, it may add half hour to the end of the day but in the end you are being paid to get rid of it properly, it isn’t hard. Also, if you don’t care about this and just want cash, you have no care for the earth, the environment, those who have to waste time from actual volunteering on clearing it up, then do something for me. Instead of flytipping your crap and rubbish away, just flytip your own life away. Get rid of it, start of, throw it on the floor and realise what a lazy git, or gitess, you may have been. It isn’t hard. Look at what you are doing, and why, see if it is that hard to not do it and change. Rid yourself of that stupidity, its quick and easy. Just like flytipping.

Can a Dream Change Your Life?

Dreams, wonderful things aren’t they, we all have them, teamed with nightmares of course, but could one single dream, or multiple, change your life?

The other week I experienced an incredibly vivid and intense dream, and one that brought me back down to Earth and made sure I continued in my ambitions and with my aims. This dream was a bit strange I admit, but nonetheless it scared me into doing what needs to be done for the world and not just me.

Now I am going to explain my dream to you. Do not laugh, it is a weird and slightly stupid dream but one I know the true meaning of, even if many other people would just think I am mad! The dream revolved around myself being talked down to by a man who clearly did not share my opinion on how people should be talked to or how they should be treated. Now, in my dream I clearly did not like this. Instead of the usual dream of, you know, waking up, I actually create myself a cape and a mask in the dreams and became some kind of vigilante. Yes, I know it sounds lame, but stay with me. I then went on the hunt for this man, who I ended up killing, I know I’m pretty kick-ass in my dream. I also then went on to see and fix many other awful issues. That’s a pretty deep dream I think. I know what many of you are probably thinking, did I watch batman before going to bed? No I didn’t, however I have always wanted to be a vigilante, that is something I cannot deny.

Now this takes me to ‘Kick-Ass’. That’s right, one of my all-time favourite films and one that may seem a bit irrelevant in ways to this whole idea, and blog, but stay with me. In ‘Kick-Ass’, yes he wanted to be a superhero, but he also had it in his mind that he wanted to help people. Now I know that in real life if I did that I would die. But that is not the point! The point is that this one person steps up to fight for what he believes in, even if it is a fictional film. I find that inspiring, I always have, and most likely always will do.

Now the reason that this lead to me writing a blog entitle ‘Can a dream change your life?’ is that it reminded me what I wanted to do with my life. The last few months it has kind of all got a bit fuzzy, but this one, singular dream brought it all back. I didn’t just want to make money, or live on an expensive island, I wanted to make a difference to the world. I wanted to do something about the conflicts and famines of this world, I wanted to help this world, this global community, become harmonious and together.

Yeah, that is a lot of work I know, and probably to many a stupid idea. Who could ever make that kind of impact? But that is not the point. The point is that I have an aim that will lead to not only my life improving, but the lives of those around me. By helping others we do not just help them, but help ourselves to develop and grow. That all sound quite generic, but it is true. Why aim to earn a good wage and a solid job, when yo could aim to travel the world and help people, or simply learn something about the world from people you may never have talked to!

This single dream reminded me of this endeavour of mine, and one I do not wish to fail in. Currently I am looking to go to the USA to help in disaster management. I have been told this will be nigh on impossible, but that won’t stop me! It is my dream to go their and work in this section to help protect the lives of millenniums, at first in a HIC like the USA, and then onto countries truly in need of help. It will be there my dream will come to truth, I know and believe in it.

Please do not just let your dreams disappear into thin air. Remember them and always continue to aim for them.

La Roux Returns


I now I usually do not post about music, but when it comes to La Roux I have too. She is up there with Hurts as my favourites acts, and both of these acts are forgotten way too much by regular people. La Roux realised her last album in 2009 and it blew me and many other people away. It’s 80′s inspired synth-lelectric feel and sound suited me down two the grow and net h songs on that album were eclectic for many but awesome nonetheless.

With her return with this new song “Uptight Downtown” its clear she is back with her familiarly awesome voice, which is unlike anything else around at the moment. At the same time it feels fresh and has a summery edge, perfect for this time of year. La Roux also represents something I believe we are seeing less and less of of late, that being individuality. She is so different to so many different singers and her music is very 80′s, and not like the generic electric feel some acts are trying to create t the moment. Hurts and La Roux’s sound is actually quite comparable, which is probably why they are my two favourite acts.

Its good to see the quiff is back as well, hope you all enjoy the song, and by her old and new albums if you haven’t already!

Selfie Society

Selfies. My god have these thing s taken over, I mean can you go to a social event without 100 being taken. We even live in a world now where smartphone manufacturers are actually putting better cameras on the front of their phone instead of on the back.  Am I crazy, or is this all going a bit too far?

The reason I say this is how people are starting to use selfies. They have suddenly become the latest joke around the world, with a seemingly endless game of who can take the best selfie. Now I get it, thats all good fun. But I think it is starting to go a bit far when people are trying to take a selfie with sportsman taking part in a race, and it leading to some sport mans falling over, being pushed, loosing due to their concentration being taken or whatever. For this we must look at this last weeks stages of ‘Tour De France’ which started in Yorkshire. Here many people attempted to have selfies taken with some of the riders of the race. This lead to some spectators having their phone pushed away, some so had that their phone was actually wacked out of their hand. For me that is justice. You are interrupting these riders conch triton, riders who have been trying for this event for months, maybe even years, and you could lead to them possibly falling of their bike just for a quick photo that really, no one is going to care about.

What is also making me wonder how important selfies are becoming is how the manufacturers of phones are doing to make their front facing camera the best for selfies. LG just released a phone with a front facing camera named a ‘selfie camera’, while Sony only yesterday revealed the C3. The first phone with an LED flash on the FRONT of the phone, so now a selfie can be taken without the worry of low light. Now I know for many this new Sony phone may now become their life, but why?

We did without selfies for a bloody long time, hell it was only two or three years ago that selfies must have started to arise in  the public domain. Is this just starting to show the selfish side we all have? Whenever any of us log onto Facebook you can be quarantined that each of our timelines will be filled with selfies, mainly of girls who have just bought some new make-up or have no hair. I do not have many sleeves, mainly excuse my camera doesn’t have a froth facing camera. Now I secretly would love to take the odd selfie, but it wouldn’t become my life like so many peoples do. To me a selfies is just a photo of someones face, sometimes with a friend, but always with a pout. Some are hilarious, some are just pointless, and some just make you want to facepalm. Selfies aren’t bad, they just need some moderation. The selfie maybe is just taking over from the usual photo. Maybe in years to come we will be looking back at photo books of our selfies, and not family pictures. It would kind of make sense, and be a bit weird if you think about it.

It really has taken over like not many things before. At every event many selfies have to be taken, to the point that we start to forget about everyone else and what we are actually doing and just focussing on how to improve the next selfie. That is the same thing as photos really. While watching glastonbury this year I noticed how many people were taking pictures on their phones, but not really wattching the performance. They would rather loo lat their screen and make sure they got a video than actually watching and enjoying the performance. We now live through our phones and other various technology. We live for the next day when we can look through all the selfies, and not for right there in the moment. We love to look back, or look at ourselves, but maybe, lets start to put down the selfie phones and start to pick up the experiences around us. Anyway, that is my thoughts, all probably a bit wacky to most people, but hey, that is me ‘wacky’.

Has Green Screen Taken Over?

Green screen has taken over. I am afraid to say it, but yes, to me, green screen has taken over cinema too much for its own good. Green screen has been both revolutionary for cinema, and a massive issue for it.

Green screen, and therefore many different types of special effect, have led to so many new opportunities for cinema. It has made sci-fi incredible and actually believable. We have been able to see sights never before seen possible, even if they were made up. Without green screen so many films and stories would never have been told in cinema over the last 20 years, but this doesn’t mean it is all good.

Look at the photos below and you can see just how much green screen has taken over, and robbed many actors of anything to act against. Ian McKellen is well-known for breaking down one day on ‘The Hobbit’ set for there being so much green-screen. From what I remember reading he said he got into acting to act with people, and having so much green screen just took away from this. How can an actor act, if he has nothing to act against, or of off? I am not a professional actor or anything, but even I know that having something to act against makes your acting better, and the overall scene better. How are actors meant to be at their best if they aren’t really acting anymore? They seem to be just performing in front of a very bright colour.

I can’t help but feel as though it has all been taken too far. Look at the images below and what you see is an actor, and then green. There is very little set, very few other characters, as so much of that is does via motion-capture now too. The shots of ‘The Avengers’  shows just how much of that last battle scene was filmed indoors and not outdoors. Surely that takes away from the overall feeling and impact of the scene? Green screen is just becoming too prevalent, while old-school practical effects seem to be winding down.

These kind of effects are far more impactful sometimes and can be just as cost-effective a green screen. It can also provide something for the actor to act off and against, it gives them something to improve their performance. Practical effects are now seemingly thought not good enough for modern films. Technology does move on of course, but have we taken too much of the technology to make up to much of the film?

Looking back at ‘The Lord of the Rings’ series there was far more practical effete and use of make-up in those film than in the latest Hobbit films. Yes there was still lots of the green screen, but more make-up for the orcs, more construction of battle sites, and all in all it just looked far more epic.

We are loosing something within filmmaking by becoming too reliant of this medium, and maybe soon the whole of cinema will realise this. I think we are getting there. I suppose what we need is a perfect balance of special effects with practical effects and sets. That would give something to all, wouldn’t it?

That Ideal Healthy Lifestyle

I use the word ‘ideal’ in my title as, for me anyway, a healthy lifestyle is a great thing to just be able to do day in, day out. For me it is just a dream as I just can’t be arsed to stay on one. Now, when I say a healthy lifestyle, I do not mean a ‘diet’. I mean an all round healthy lifestyle, from exercise to just eating slightly healthier. Not less food, just making all that food I do eat a bit more healthy.

Last summer for a few weeks I started eating really well and healthily, and man did I feel so much better. I wasn’t tired anywhere near as much as I used to be, I had far more energy and could focus so much more. The thing is though, it can sometimes be boring to stay on that healthy lifestyle any longer than a few weeks. I think I managed three weeks before I got bored and just started eating crap again. Now, if you know me you will know how much I eat, yet how skinny I am. The issue is not my weight, but just generally feeling a lot better. I struggle massively with tiredness and staying focussed, but on that healthy lifestyle last year I ate just as much as I usually would, which is about 90 KG’s of food a day (I kid of course), while feeling far happier within myself.

That is why from today, Monday the 30th of June I am going to try to get into a healthy lifestyle for the rest of the summer. That doesn’t just mean eating well, but actually doing exercise, which for me is a massive task in itself. Again, if you know me, you will know how unfit I am, I almost have a vendetta against exercise really. Well actually more gyms, man do I hate those places.

So to combat this exercise task I have decided to take up two sports which I both enjoy, and surprisingly am ok at. One of those is swimming. I suppose the key thing about exercise is doing the stuff you enjoy. I love swimming! Because I am so tall I, amazingly, am actually quite good at swimming. I am fast and hopefully, by doing it, will be actually have some strength before the end of the summer. That is quite the task believe me. I will also be taking up the racquet for tennis once again, something I advent done in ages. I am no Federer, but I love playing tennis, and that’s the key thing!

I suppose altogether, hopefully, this new healthy lifestyle of mine will help me out of that tiredness and get be looking summer ready, even though it already is summer. Hey, I like to be a bit behind on the fashions of the time.

Mr Independent

Many students, children, and teenagers prefer their parents to pay their bills, pay for food, pay for their iPhone and pay for pretty much everything. People this age also usually prefer to spend instead of save, laze about instead of work, and narrowly pass everything instead of succeeding in everything. One of these people I am not.

I have never had bills paid, my phone paid, or whatever, by my parents. This is not because they do not want to pay it, I have just never wanted them to pay for anything of mine since I was about 16 and started earning some sort of cash. As soon as I started earning money I know it was my time to start to become independent. No matter what you think about that, for me that’s how I wanted it to work and be. I get people not wanting to be like until they move-out, or leave for uni or whatever, but there has to be a point where you are your own person, earning and doing everything o your own. I personally prefer it that way.

Att he same time however, I do understand people who do not feel this way, or even parents who believe it should not be like this. I understand the view that as a student you are working hard, and you may not ahem the money to pay your phone bill, have money for food, or get a new dress or pair of jeans you want. However, surely that is the point of growing up. Growing dependent and knowing when to save, when not too, and what to buy, and more importantly what you can afford to buy. We all got though this stage of learning how to budget and become independent.

My point though is that some people do not feel like this. Through no fault of their own, many teenagers and kids, and even young and old adults, have forgotten completely about the value of money. They believe £40 a month going on a phone is good value, and that everyone does it because that is what their parents have taught them. I am not saying that is bad parenting. All i am saying is that this value for money view needs to be brought back into the lives of money who do not have. They do not realise what they have, what they can buy and how much they can buy. Some people scratch their new car and don’t I’ve a damn because they know that tomorrow they can go and get it fixed without a thought, where as that may worry other people.

For me, I have nearly always found that this ‘value of money’ has always been a large part of my life. A treat for myself is usually a £10 top or DVD, not a brand new car or a whole closet full of new cars. I cannot afford to do that, even though I save and budget, because in my mind I know I have to pay bills and use that money for far more important tasks into the future. This does not mean I am completely in the clear. I did buy a new iPhone at the beginning of the year, but it was one I knew I could afford I wasn’t  brand new 5s, but instead the much older 3GS. I knew that could fit into my budget and be a little treat for myself.

I feel it is these kind of things that people are no longer learning, or even just thinking about. For money this isn’t true. For many ,they do work hard and not what they can and can’t spend. They pay all their own bills and are happy to do so. I just hope one day we can all become truly independent, and regain the idea of the value of money. Hopefully that day will be soon, and although it may damage financial market,s it may drastically improve the society we live in.

Sorry if that all seemed a bit ranty, I did not mean it to, but sometimes once you start writing you just can’t stop. Anyway, hope you all enjoyed it or it made you think about this topic :)