The Changes Will Come

Changes are afoot. Mainly because in just a few days I will be returning back to university to start my second year of study. Many of you will know, and understand, that this is where it really kicks up a gear. Everything matters and counts, and everything gets a lot harder. It gets more challenging without doubt, I have been told that a lot. With this comes the need to study and work for longer each day to get the best grade I can. Unfortunately, as much as I love blogging, this amount of work is going to effect how I blog, how often, and what about. Therefore I thought I would give a heads-up to all those readers who have read this page for the many years it has been active, as well as those new to it. I am not closing this blog or stopping!

I am simply going to slow the blog down a bit, but with that I hope to let it grow and allow myself to really write about some tough and important topics. I have tried to write nearly everyday for the past three years, which has proved difficult, and will prove even more difficult as second year begins. Therefore I shall now only be blogging once, maybe twice, a week. This is dramatically less, but it needs to be done, and I think its a good thing. With only blogging once a week I can really work at that blog and make it something brilliant and not just one to be forgotten. With that I hope to grow my ratings and views and get some real discussions going on, both on here and my Facebook page (search  Louis Sherman Blogs). I want to get more people involved and really get many topics talked about, that just do not get thought about enough. Therefore I also hope to expand and change my blog in ways, maybe a name change, maybe not, but I can tell you I want my blog to be used to spread knowledge and important messages. It may be small, but that does not deter me. It drives me on further to expand and grow and really start to put my mark on the world. 

Therefore do not fret, I may be blogging a lot less but I WILL be blogging every week. So keep an eye out and I hope you continue tot read and enjoy what I write about. Thank you.

Big dreams, big changes, and I hope a big future. 


Brian Blessed Motivation!

I thought I would link this video from Brian Blessed on Russell Howards ‘Good News’ as it is pretty much a simple, great motivational speech from one of the all time great sounding men, as well a man of huge success. Not only a fantastic man and great actor, but also a massive adventurer. Brian Blessed is over 70, yet has climbed Everest, gone to both poles, and as this clip shows, punched a polar bear. He is a massive animal lover so don’t hate him too much for that last one.

At the same time he is a now a trained cosmonaut, and will be visiting the ISS next year. I mean really, what has he done wrong? This makes him all the better man to completely rock us and get us off our asses and get us doing stuff, and making us want to excel at something and inspire us all to get that dream we have thought about since childhood! Why the hell shouldn’t we? I write a lot about how we all need to strive for our own personal successes, but this man just puts it into loudly spoken words. This is what we all need though, that bit of a kick to give us a reason to go on. So watch it and I hope it gets you as motivated as it got me!

The Secrecy of Hollywood

So today seems both a perfect time to write about this certain topic and taboo too. It is pretty clear why, after 24 hours of many famous celebrities having their private photos leaked, it all seems a bit topically to write about the secrecy that Hollywood may, or may not, have. 

Every year hundreds of celebs have their photos taken by paparazzi and many have secret photos from their phones, a lot of the time nude ones, shared with the world through both hacking and just general people sharing a photo they took of a past love who turned out to be someone famous. We have seen it time and again, and each time this small debate starts about privacy and secrecy. What does make leaking a nude of a celeb any different to having one of yourself leaked?

Yeah, you may not be greatly famous, and it may not make you as red-faced as a celebrity who has to walk down the red carpet the next day, but in truth, there is very little difference. If we have a nude leaked many of our friends will see it, and maybe even family. That isn’t nice for anyone, famous or not. A lot of people love Jennifer Lawrence, and some may say after last night many will love her even more. But is that just a form of sexism, a form of bullying and torment? That isn’t fair to anyone, yet many condone it. To me Jennifer Lawrence seems like someone who would joke it away and let it blow over, but I could be very wrong. Nonetheless that makes it no better. Many of us would be massively humiliated if this happens to us, so laughing about it and ‘enjoying’ it, shall we say, may seem funny and normal, but really it is just giving these leakers more reason to hack phones and put the pictures out there for money.

Of course many of these leaks aren’t hacks. Many are from ex-loves trying to spite and ruin their now-famous ex’s career, and maybe life. It is their kind of justice, or way to get over the relationship. We have seen it with many celebrities, and this really does link with everyday “normal” people. We all have relationships, good and bad, so could you imagine if we and our secret messages or pics from and too that person leaked? It would be dreadful and massively embarrassing, and lets be honest, plain un-fair and childish. This is no way to spite someone you may have loved and who may have hurt you. 

In all though, it does appear no one in Hollywood is safe who has the true secrecy and privacy any human being would want. What do we do though? What can we do? To be honest, who knows, hackers will hack for the money, ex’s will always want to spite their famous ex’s. Its a circle that just may never end. 


Seize The Day

Everyday is a one time opportunity, once it has gone, it has passed and you will never retrieve it. It will be lost and just a memory, you can make no more or no less of it. That is why I believe the phrase ‘Seize the Day’ needs a bit of a renaissance and for everyone to know of it very well.

Seize the day, also known as ‘Carpe Diem’, is the choice of many bad tattoos yes, but it is also a key phrase to our lives, that of late, seems to have been forgotten. Many of us make nothing really of our days. We hang about doing nothing, except watching TV. We can all be blamed for it, and it is no bad thing, its great to relax and chill. However, we also need to recognise that everyday passes and with it millions of opportunities. With that day you could have exercised, done some work, earned some money, volunteered somewhere, improved on something, write a a poem, read that book you have always wanted to and so it goes on. 

There is no true definition of what you should make of everyday, except that you should do something. Lets be frank, its boring to just hang about for days. So why not instead make something of it, seize it. Seize everyday and make it one to remember, make it one to have done something remarkable or simply to have got shit done. To many of us forget how incredible one day can be. I look at those with terrible, terminal illnesses who count down every day and make the most of every minute. Why do we all not do this? Why do we all not make every moment count and matter and make a brilliant memory out of it? Yes s are a right-off of course, when we are ill or hungover. But we can still use those days, we can still have a laugh, make something of it. Create a memory, a laugh, a smile. It is simple, and maybe because of that simplicity we just can’t see it. 

Every now and then a simple idea can come along and be missed by so many of us, because it seems boring. Instead we need to grab it and love it and turn it into something great. Every day, every minute, is a piece of luck for us. We can do with it what we like, except many of us waste it. Of course we waste so much in this modern era maybe time is just seen like another form of rubbish. It can never be seen like this. We can get no refund or another try with a day, when we sleep at night we say goodbye to that day forever and what it gave us or could have gave us. 

I will not lie, it is bloody hard to turn all this wishful thinking of seizing everyday, into action. Motivation can only go so far before you just want to collapse for hours in front of Netflix. I blame none of us fort doing this, I jeu feel maybe we do it too much too often. That is just my thought anyway. 

May us all see everyday as something incredible and turn it into something even more incredible, something stunning and remarkable. We can all do it, and I believe we will, and in a lot of cases, already do do it. 

Carpe Diem. 


BoJack Horseman: That is some crazy, programming

I’m assuming a lot of you will not have watched, or maybe even heard of, ‘Bojack Horseman’ yet. To describe it in its simplest, and weirdest terms, it is a Netflix original series about a washed up TV actor, who is a alcoholic and a horse. Yep, he is a horse. This whole world of ‘BoJack Horseman’ is filled with both humans, and human looking bodies but with animal heads. For instance, BoJack’s agent is a purple cat. Now if this all sounds a bit trippy, it is. It’s brilliant because of this though. If I am honest, it is very much like ‘Family Guy’ in tone, but taken one step weirder and one step ruder. There are constant sex scenes, which are both disturbing and bloody hilarious, while the use of such phrases as ‘Get Cancer’ may sound disgusting but, disturbingly, work in this TV environment. The whole animation also fits what they are trying to create. It isn’t your polished animation of ‘Family guy’ or ‘The Simpsons’ but instead more 1990’s in tone and colour. Again though, this fits it perfectly, as it just adds to the whole trippy look and feel of the piece. Yes its crazy weird, but that probably why I enjoy it so much. Below I have put a few trailers for you guys to watch just to see how hilarious and weird it is. It’s also great to hear Aaron Paul once again, a kinda sidekick and buddy of Will Arnetts BoJack. Netflix can seem to do no wrong these days.


Geography is Everything

It may sound mad to a lot of people, except those who enjoy and love geography, but it truly is everything. The majority of things geography covers is also the majority of things in the world. From human, through environmental, right to physical geography, everything is covered, studied and understood. Its the reason why I love geography.

Now, some may say this is geography’s weakness, in that it covers so much, what truly is it? Geography is all about understanding and learning about the WORLD. Therefore, to truly understand it, we cannot just look at the physical side, but its interaction with the human side, as well as the pure issues and ways the human sides of our world works. Everything we stand on is the quite literal geography many have come to know and understand. But nowadays the way we interact through money and technology is as much about geography as plate tectonics. This fascinates me, and the interact between these two worlds probably interests me even more.

It is this interest that lead me to loving geography throughout secondary school and now at degree level. No other subject carries the weight that geography does. Nothing else teaches us about the world in the way geography does. This does not weaken it, but strengthens it. This multitude of aspects of geography make it so special and unique, and so encompassing. There is very little you don’t learn. You also end up with this wonderful crossover, where everything helps to support and teach you more about something else. For instance, when you leant a case study, lets say about China, it has relevance to so many topics. Government and politics, water inflicts, resources, etc etc etc. It can go on, and this constant learning and development of ideas and examples really makes geography stand out.

Now, I am not writing this blog as some sort of propaganda. I truly do love geography, and after helping to teach it recently I have seen how some people either love or hate it. Many do not get it, or just cannot get into it, but hose who are the opposite love it, and put in a lot of hard work in this subject area. I simply wrote this blog because I love that idea that everything can be geography. I have such a passion for it I just wanted to share it. Call me a geek, I don’t care. Sometimes the only way to get more people to love something, is to share your passion for it, with them. So thats what I am trying.


Anything Is Possible, No Matter What You Do, Or Do not, Have

Very few words is needed for this. Every now and then I like to do a blog which is all video, or has such a strong message that may need no words. This is one of those cases. The videos below are of Nick Vujicic. He is a man born without any limbs. Yet, he is a man with a degree, he is a man who plays a variety of sports, he is a man who can throw a ball and write, with no arms or legs, he is a man who can bring joy through comedy to many, he is also married and has a child. This man is incredible and needs to be watched to be believed. You will also fall in love with this guy, and what he stands for, as soon as you start watching any of the videos.

Truly incredible right?