The Daily Fail

Oh yes it is that wonder of a news publisher, ‘The Daily Mail’ that I shall be blogging about today. You will find this blog will be of two sides, a person against it, who is also a person who enjoys it at the same time. It is complicated shall I say.

So yes, many people, intact properly everyone, even those who work for it, pretty much hate ‘The Daily Mail’, or as it shall be known henceforth, ‘The Daily Fail’. Lets start of how ‘great’ its journalism is. Just so you know that is sarcastic. I regularly go on to articles on the online version of the news paper and it has about 100 written words, with about 120 photos. It is a bit more about style than substance really. When you get round to reading those 100 written words it all falls apart even more. Mainly because some of the writing is truly terrible and many articles are inaccurate! Lets start with the terrible part of the articles. Some are written with poor grammar, some even have incorrect spelling. Every article is always written lazily and no real support is given in many cases. Very little evidence is given and that which is given is newer of the top quality. The inaccuracy of articles published can be even funnier. Now I understand the online site properly is not checked for grammar and writing skills etc as much as the news paper, but it is still the representation of this organisation, and surely if you worked for it you would want every article to be true and accurate, clearly not the Mail. Any article about films is usually incorrect lets tart with that. I am a film buff, but it doesn’t take someone like me to see that the actors they are writing about are not in some of the films the article says they are. I remember reading about Megan Fox appearing in a film she had nothing to do with a fees months ago, surely it doesn’t take long for a someone at the Mail to quickly double-check this is true via IMDB? It truly is staggering some of the mistakes they make. However, this is not the biggest issue, no the biggest issue with the Mail is what it reports about.

It pretty much always puts a new piece of celeb gossip above any death, mass world event, or just overall important news. For ‘The Daily Mail’ celebs are their main news. Many people saw the article on a person from ‘TOWIE’ nearly standing in a puddle that made it on to one of their top stories. Isn’t that just great? Children are dying worldwide from poverty and diseases and the Mail believes someone not even a celeb is more important to report on. Many news publishers are also to blame for this of course, but it just stuns me that the Mail will run 100 celeb stories above one on a genocide. It truly is spectacularly stupid.

However, I cannot say it is all bad, for I use it far too regularly for my own good. But not in the ways I am sure the Mail would like me to. I go onto the site to simply have a laugh at what they are reporting about on that day. Usually Kim Kardashian takes over many stories, it still amazed the Mail isn’t called ‘Kim K appreciation group’. They must report on her at least 3 or 4 times a day. They also just put some hilarious stories up that are years out of date, or make no sense. It is alarming but massively entertaining at the same time. This is the thing with it, it is entertaining. Should news publications be ‘entertaining’ though, lis this the real issue? Is the Mail trying to sell itself as something it isn’t? Maybe it needs a big shift. Or is it the fact that people love how it tries to be so factual that makes us enjoy and laugh at it so much.

This is the thing, ‘The Daily Mail’ is pure crap, but we love it. Should it change? Or should it just close completely? Let us be honest, for my generation it will never be taken seriously, and its articles will always be seen as sub-par. But if you need a laugh it’s probably one of the best sites and news publishers out there. What this says about ‘The Daily Mail’ isn’t great, and maybe one day they will remember this. I do hope they do. But for now lets just willow in our self-pity of the entertainment this news publication provides. To be honest, I thinks none of us want this fail to continue for too much longer, does it really deserve to?


I think rant box is pretty good word to describe myself currently, as well as all of us as a society really. We all love to, and need to, rant. If we did not rant we would literally explode, or get close to it, something I felt myself this week, I used this blog to rant away and get rid of a lot of stress.

I think we rant because it is an easy way to get rid of stress and calm our nervous about something or someone. It gets it out of our system and lets us move on to the next thing to rant about. If we didn’t do this to the right people we would probably simply explode with anger and annoyance. Ranting is natural. We can rant about a stupid person who annoyed us, something that is worrying us, an upcoming event that has been properly organised, whatever! We always find something to rant about and god it feels good when we do.

At the moment I am feeling like a rant box myself. All I seem to be doing lately is resting to myself or to my friends about certain events or people. I have to rant, I have to get it out. The other day I was ranting along so much my friend didn’t get a word in. The key to ranting as well, or at least I find, is that you can get support from someone else on your thoughts and you can finally rest knowing you are not crazy! People give you the support and this gives you the confidence in knowing you are not just being treated like an idiot. It lets you know that maybe it is something that needs to be changes, because it is not just you thinking it.

However, on this topic, it can be more of an issue to be the one ranted to. The reason I have used the word ‘RantBox’ is that sometimes you become the ‘rantee’. You sit there taking it all in and you don’t care, and sometimes it actually dresses YOU out while it is ‘de-stressing’ them. Lately this has summed up my life, and continues to in my home life. In my previous blog I talked about the opening  of my sisters own shop recently and how this has caused a friction within the family, which has pretty much gone now the shop has opened. Now, while that ranting about each other has stopped, ranting overall in my family continues. All to me. I can’t help but think I came home to rest and instead I have just been ranted and moaned to constantly. I do not think my family realises this, and I know and appreciate that. However, they must see just how much they are laying on my shoulders. I go from one room to the other and within that one move I have had two or three rants put to me. I know they don’t mean to do it, but what they rant about isn’t appreciated. It’s not horrid stuff just irritations, moaning of their jobs, the usual stuff for any family really, but its all on my shoulders. It is this kind of stuff I cannot express either, only through my blog, so it really does build up. Being free of this stuff at uni is great and I never realised how much I has to deal with it until I returned home, it really has become an issue I have only noticed after being away from so long. I am hoping that bit by bit and can change this, and my family can be less fractious, I know we can do it and I know it is just the general stress of life that we all have that causes it. I do love my family in spite of this ranting, who couldn’t, they are my wonderful, supportive family.

Together, through my blog, with my friends and through my family, I hope I can change my ‘RantBox’ life profile into the simple, usual ranting lifestyle. That’s normal right?



It turns out this weekend was possibly the best weekend to take off to relax and unwind. This is primarily due to the awesome event that is, COMIC-CON!! I may not be there but that hasn’t stopped me from getting hyped for it and all of the news coming out of it, however that is not the only reason I am blogging about it.

Most of my readers will know that I am massively into films and when Comic-Con comes about I get past excited! From superheroes to massive creatures, *cough cough* King Kong and Godzilla, Comic-Con provides all kind of nerdgasms. It truly is mind-blowing for any comic book fans and fans of cinema and TV as a whole. This is made even more awesome when yesterdays panels provided some out of this world news and footage. The day started off with Warner Brothers blowing many people’s socks off with them providing footage from ‘Batman Vs Superman’, the first footage we have seen from the film. To put it simply this footage is awesome, mainly because it is the first time we have ever seen these two massive superhero charters in one single film, together. To a normal person that is pretty cool, to a geek that is practically christmas on plate! Then came Legendary’s panel. Now this was cool, and then it went into hyperspace with the announcement of ‘Skull Island’. Now this may not mean a lot to some people but it will when they hear that this film is all about King Kong! That’s right, King Kong is on a return, with what looks like more of an origin tale. With Marvel not long taking over Hall H the last doors still attached were ready to be blown off, especially with the footage that was shown, footage that didn’t shock me as it is what I have seen coming. Basically the key part of the footage shows us a pile of what looks like dead Avengers bodies, with Stark taking all the blame. Yes, this is a mental image, but it doesn’t shock me because we all knew a line of new avengers is on their way and the best way to get rid of ‘the oldies’ is to kill them off, even if it is something we haven’t seen in superhero films yet. Its even less of a shock when we know many of the stars contracts are running up, and with the Vision, Scarlett Witch, and Quicksilver all joining the team, the future looks safe, just Stark-less.

However, this blog is not just about this years, so-far, main Comic-Con news. No, this blog is more about giving me some drive back. As you can see from my recent blogs I am aiming to get to America next year for my summer placement. Now, being at home for Comic-Con this year has got me so hyped I realised that next year I need to actually be in San Diego for it! It has given me back some of my drive I have lost of late. I want to visit it so bad next year that I may just end up going even if I don’t get a placement out there! Comic-Con is my idea of perfection. It’s accepted to be weird and dress like a madman, it’s all about cinema, TV, comics, superheroes, monsters and god knows what else! It is all so incredible! It blows my mind and I cannot wait to get out there for it to blow my mind in person. These kind of moments are what make me want to go forward in life and give me back my focus. It also reminds  me just how passionate I am about films. Of late I have kind of forget about how much I loved making some short films the last couple of years. Of course they pale in comparison to the epic sized blockbusters, but who cares? I loved making those short films so much, and Comic-Con reminded me that I cannot let that passion wane. Films have always been a huge part of my life, they nurtured my imagination as a child. If I can leaner to team my love of films with my passion for geography and the world I could very much begin to live the perfect life. Geography and films are the two main aspects my life. I know that sounds sad and weird, but they are. I love them both so much that I have decide to get back into short films and documentaries. I have so many ideas I cannot wait to get my teeth stuck into!

It feels like is has been too long since I last picked up a camera so who knows how my first bits of films will turn out, but that doesn’t matter. Keep an eye on this blog as I will post up whatever I do on completion, and I also hope to get a YouTube channel going to promote my work. Anyway, keep an eye out for this work.

Remember to always aim and strive to do something you love and are passionate about. It is events like Comic-Con that can remind you of what those passions are, but never let them wane, look for the chances to do what you love!

The Madness Of My Current Mind-Set

Currently, it is safe to say that I am having a minor mental breakdown in my life. Why? I can’t really say, I don’t really know. All I know is that at the moment I feel completely mad. I have no focus on anything, I can’t remember anything, It all almost feels fuzzy. Every time I go to do work I just can’t face it and end up literally having a breakdown. It has got past procrastination, and is actually scaring me.

In ways it almost feels like elements of depression are taking over, however I know it is not that serious. What I do know is that it massively based around stress the current way I am living. I am stressed for no real good reason, the only one being that I have a report to write, but that isn’t in for literal months. What I can say for definite however is that this summer is turning out to be quite the bummer, and this may be effecting me more than anything. With two months still to good this summer feels very much like it could bring me to the ground.

At first it began with a straight up stressful home life as my sister opened up a shop and my mum and dad were helping out a lot. Any family that has opened up a business can tell you how stressful a time this can be. The main issue was that every part of my family used me as a vent. If I got in a car with my mum, dad or sister, each one of them would moan about the other. After two weeks of this I was driven past mental, to the point were I was going literally insane. Luckily enough the shop opened and that is already, quickly behind us. However, with that comes other plights.

I am carrying out a placement, that although isn’t terrible, just isn’t what I wanted to do and isn’t what I said it would be. nonetheless I am still learning, I still have a placement, I’m working with good people, but it just feels like I’m not going forward in what I want to do. With this comes the thoughts that I am then knackered after working on this placement as it a very physical job. This tires me out for the next day, so I end up not doing anything, which stresses me out more because I didn’t get anything done. This also means I do not have the drive to try to make some money and get a job as the placement I am working is already killing me for no money.

What worsens this issue is that with no money, I cannot replace my car that breathed its last breath at Easter. This has been depressing enough on its own. Living in the rural area I do I relied on that car to quickly and easily meet friends. At my age to it is just horrid to have that simple bit of freedom ripped away by nothing else than luck. This has meant I have not been able to meet my friends easily, or get to places I wanted to get to. It really has become an issue that I know will disappear as soon as I return to uni, but for the next month or so it will be tough for me.

I also aimed to get fit over the summer, purely to improve my body confidence. This hasn’t happened because of that loss of drive. I have nothing there to push me. I want to look good and feel good but at the same time I feel as though I am wasting my time. Fitness is an endless battle for me and one that really has hurt my confidence over the years.

Each of these issues is ok on its own, but put together it seems to have just knocked me down to a level I have never been at before. I have lost all motivation and drive, I cannot focus and nothing excites me. This is not me! I hate it, but with no drive I feel like I cannot change it.

So to try to kickstart my summer again I am taking this weekend completely off, I am resting, clearing my mind, and getting away from as many distractions and people as I can. Hopefully after this mini piece of therapy I can return with focus, drive, and motivation, and be the person I am, bright, smart, happy and ambitious. I know I can be that person, I still am that person, I just need to remind myself of it.

Travel and Learn

Travelling is becoming ever more key to the lives of millions of students around the world. I know that in the UK it is a growing thing to do, before, during and after university. I myself have never looked at doing it however, even though it has interested me massively. Well I think that is all about to change.

Next year I have to take part in a 5 week placement, that can be in Britain, but let’s be honest, if you have the opportunity to go abroad you are. My aim is to go to the USA and with that have my first true experience of travelling. I know a lot of people who have gone or are going travelling g before university and they say how amazing it is. What I am most excited about is combining my placement with travelling, and hoping to see as much of the US as I can while I am there, if I get there that is. So many people take gap years now, that it seems the travelling industry must be booming. I myself cannot wait to go travel the world during and after university. However, this blog is not just about travelling and where to go, but what we get from it.

The people I know who have gone travelling come back with a whole new view on life, and see everything so differently to how they did before. Whether that is because they went to country so different to our own, or saw things that shocked them, it always seems to give them a lesson in life. Although the USA is anything but poor, I am still very excited to see how what I may see out there could change my views on how our country works. For instant, it will be interesting to see how they deal with their homeless people compared to how we try to help ours. I also cannot wait to see the different environments, as Britain is starting to bore me with its endless hills and green grass now. Seeing something different once in a while also benefits us. Along this path of travelling though we are always learning. This is what I love about travelling, even though I have not done it yet. Not only do you come back with a new mindset but many people seem to come back from a  whole new learning experience, one, some may say, is more useful than any bit of education out there. It seems that travelling and learning are going ever more hand in hand.

To go travelling is to explore, that is obvious and clear to see. When else do we get to explore in this type anymore? It is not often you see a boat just going on an exploration. Even though we know where our lands are, that does not mean exploration has come to an end. First of all we have the sea to explore, but that is a different matter entirely. Our explorations now is of different environments and societies to our own, and it is so easy to do so. We can hope on a boat or plane with ease, we can change our money so it can be sued wherever we are going with ease, we know have the resources to get to wherever whenever. This is incredible and can only lead to more exploration and learning for the communities and societies of the world!

Fieldwork is one way of earning, but travelling takes this to a whole other level. It hits us with new site and sounds, new people and languages, there is very little travelling does not provide. This is why I am so excited to start my own travelling experience, let us just hope that I can get the American placement I so dream of.

Flytip your own life away

One of the things I find most annoying in the world is laziness. I don’t get while people will not put effort into their own lives, through their career or education or whatever. It just does not compute in my head. Now this leads me onto the issue of flytipping, and the laziness of the people who must do it as well as their affinity for money.

Flytipping is an ever-growing issue in the UK and one that is not talked about enough. Not only does it looks awful, but it is hard to petrol against and can have massive impacts on the environment. Flytipping is basically when someone tips rubbish on an area of land and leaves it there, somewhere it definitely should not be. This can be things like carpet, bricks, even TV’s or sofas. In the last two-weeks I have seen lot of this kind of stuff thrown down small lanes where no one thinks it will be found. Recently I have been working with my local National Trust site, where I have seen a few cases of flytipping already.

Flytipping is a disgraceful act, simply because it is pure laziness of whoever is dumping the rubbish. In a lot of cases it is builders or contractors of a building site, who may have been renovating a house or building anew one, who want to get rid of the leftovers quick and easy, and for free. However, it can sometimes be people who have been called by someone to clear out their house and dispose of their belongings in a proper way. Unfortunately, however, more and more of these types of schemes are just cash in hand jobs and the person employing the people for the job don’t really care where the rubbish is tipped as long as it is not in their house. This simple laziness should not be allowed to go any further.

Flytipping is ruining roads, it is damaging the environment, wasting hours of people’s lives through clearing it up and it is just simply stupid.

Now, I have a few messages for those people who do flytip. Firstly, why do you do it in the first place? Many recycling centres now take most goods for free, it may add half hour to the end of the day but in the end you are being paid to get rid of it properly, it isn’t hard. Also, if you don’t care about this and just want cash, you have no care for the earth, the environment, those who have to waste time from actual volunteering on clearing it up, then do something for me. Instead of flytipping your crap and rubbish away, just flytip your own life away. Get rid of it, start of, throw it on the floor and realise what a lazy git, or gitess, you may have been. It isn’t hard. Look at what you are doing, and why, see if it is that hard to not do it and change. Rid yourself of that stupidity, its quick and easy. Just like flytipping.

Can a Dream Change Your Life?

Dreams, wonderful things aren’t they, we all have them, teamed with nightmares of course, but could one single dream, or multiple, change your life?

The other week I experienced an incredibly vivid and intense dream, and one that brought me back down to Earth and made sure I continued in my ambitions and with my aims. This dream was a bit strange I admit, but nonetheless it scared me into doing what needs to be done for the world and not just me.

Now I am going to explain my dream to you. Do not laugh, it is a weird and slightly stupid dream but one I know the true meaning of, even if many other people would just think I am mad! The dream revolved around myself being talked down to by a man who clearly did not share my opinion on how people should be talked to or how they should be treated. Now, in my dream I clearly did not like this. Instead of the usual dream of, you know, waking up, I actually create myself a cape and a mask in the dreams and became some kind of vigilante. Yes, I know it sounds lame, but stay with me. I then went on the hunt for this man, who I ended up killing, I know I’m pretty kick-ass in my dream. I also then went on to see and fix many other awful issues. That’s a pretty deep dream I think. I know what many of you are probably thinking, did I watch batman before going to bed? No I didn’t, however I have always wanted to be a vigilante, that is something I cannot deny.

Now this takes me to ‘Kick-Ass’. That’s right, one of my all-time favourite films and one that may seem a bit irrelevant in ways to this whole idea, and blog, but stay with me. In ‘Kick-Ass’, yes he wanted to be a superhero, but he also had it in his mind that he wanted to help people. Now I know that in real life if I did that I would die. But that is not the point! The point is that this one person steps up to fight for what he believes in, even if it is a fictional film. I find that inspiring, I always have, and most likely always will do.

Now the reason that this lead to me writing a blog entitle ‘Can a dream change your life?’ is that it reminded me what I wanted to do with my life. The last few months it has kind of all got a bit fuzzy, but this one, singular dream brought it all back. I didn’t just want to make money, or live on an expensive island, I wanted to make a difference to the world. I wanted to do something about the conflicts and famines of this world, I wanted to help this world, this global community, become harmonious and together.

Yeah, that is a lot of work I know, and probably to many a stupid idea. Who could ever make that kind of impact? But that is not the point. The point is that I have an aim that will lead to not only my life improving, but the lives of those around me. By helping others we do not just help them, but help ourselves to develop and grow. That all sound quite generic, but it is true. Why aim to earn a good wage and a solid job, when yo could aim to travel the world and help people, or simply learn something about the world from people you may never have talked to!

This single dream reminded me of this endeavour of mine, and one I do not wish to fail in. Currently I am looking to go to the USA to help in disaster management. I have been told this will be nigh on impossible, but that won’t stop me! It is my dream to go their and work in this section to help protect the lives of millenniums, at first in a HIC like the USA, and then onto countries truly in need of help. It will be there my dream will come to truth, I know and believe in it.

Please do not just let your dreams disappear into thin air. Remember them and always continue to aim for them.